Z for Zurich

What a wonderful journey through the challenge and a fitting last post - Zurich - one place that's most definitely on my wish list and because I've been promised that Lausanne will happen, am sure Zurich will too. I also want to do Zanzibar; perhaps later?

Zurich is commercial and residential and has nothing much to offer in terms of a nature lover's paradise; yet there's something about this city that's always captured my attention.

So, with that I end this year's challenge. The reflections post will be up later next week. Cheers to all those who pursued and completed the challenge.


  1. I've heard a lot about Lausanne! Zurich should be a lot of fun too!

  2. I am dreaming about Zurich when I heard this name in DDLJ at a very small age.

    I have followed your blog.

    Z for Zephyr

  3. in my wishlist ever since the DDLJ days

  4. Yes.. we are at the end of this Challenge. Congratulations on the completion. And I agree with the comment of Ranjini.. I loved it since DDLJ days :)

  5. Well, have never been anywhere really and I want to travel around the world and maybe land in Zurich too.

  6. You've chosen a fascinating theme in this challenge... it was fun reading and dreaming about the various places you mentioned here.


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