L for Lausanne

A beautiful French city overlooking Lake Geneva, that serves some of the best cheese fondue in a pretty chalet is a must visit for anyone that visits Switzerland. Obviously, I haven't been here as yet but is now going on the wishlist. A ferry ride across the lake takes you to France and when the weather is great, lot of picnic baskets crop up around the water front. Lausanne is the Olympic headquarters and you can see the clock ticking away marking the countdown to the next Olympics.

Perfect weather, amazing food and clean lifestyle - I wouldn't mind settling down here :)

Wishlist: Ladakh, Leh

All pics shot by S on recent work trip to Lausanne, Switzerland.


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  2. Beautiful pics. I have followed your blog and I am blogging at <a href="http://blogthepoint.blogspot.com/2014/04/large-heart.html>The Other Side </a>

  3. I was sort of expecting London for L. It is on my list. I went there last year and came back in love. I cannot wait to get back. Lombak in Indonesia. Next year I am doing a bucket list April A2Z inspired by your list :)

  4. How very Lovely. I shall go Look for more pictures of Lausanne


  5. Looks like a beautiful place.

    Stop in from A to Z challenge.

    Coffee is on

  6. France has been on my wishlist like forever. Paris by day, by night and the other charming towns, cafes, boostores, French men, wine and so on. A huge siiiiiigh which says, 'someday.'

    Joy always,

  7. Went to Lausanne last year, pretty place... travelling through Lausanne in the train is even better, the views are amazing, the land just seems to fall off into the lake below, one of the prettiest train rides...


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