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The proposal

It's been a few months since my life took a sharp upswing turn and I am sort of liking this. What's not to like when you can come home to the man you love! And with all festivals, friends and family, life is colorful and bright (literally). As I settle into this routine of work and home, the hitherto befuddled brain slightly started to clear. These days, I find some time to sip my tea in the morning, sitting on the rope swing the husband so lovingly installed on the balcony. And I started wondering how exactly did I marry this man! Did he ask me to marry him? Oh I know proposals are so overrated but I am such a huge M&B fan and a die hard romantic. So it was only natural that I imagined a million ways he would ask me. Long drawn words, flowers, going down on one knee, roses, candle light dinner, beaches, long drives, small notes, late night ice creams, looking into the eye and proclaiming endless love - all these and more remained a dream. His friends told me he was

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