Friday, 17 October 2014

The proposal

It's been a few months since my life took a sharp upswing turn and I am sort of liking this. What's not to like when you can come home to the man you love! And with all festivals, friends and family, life is colorful and bright (literally).

As I settle into this routine of work and home, the hitherto befuddled brain slightly started to clear. These days, I find some time to sip my tea in the morning, sitting on the rope swing the husband so lovingly installed on the balcony. And I started wondering how exactly did I marry this man! Did he ask me to marry him? Oh I know proposals are so overrated but I am such a huge M&B fan and a die hard romantic. So it was only natural that I imagined a million ways he would ask me.

Long drawn words, flowers, going down on one knee, roses, candle light dinner, beaches, long drives, small notes, late night ice creams, looking into the eye and proclaiming endless love - all these and more remained a dream. His friends told me he was a romantic and I hoped for a long time. Yes, 3 years is sure a long time. So, one day I called to give him an ultimatum (of sorts) and even before I could utter a word, he says "I just told my dad that I've selected the girl I want to marry". My jaw dropped. This was absolutely not what I expected. No where near. One of life's mysteries I suppose.

A few weeks later, I asked him how certain he was that I wanted to marry him. He simply said "I know".

So yes, we are married now, for about 4 months, 9 days and a few hours. Life is blessed and I hope we stay this way.

Psst: After all this time, I got flowers for the first time (on my birthday) and a couple of notes :) I am not complaining.

Monday, 5 May 2014

A - Z - Reflections

A big thank you to all the fellow bloggers and non bloggers who diligently read through my posts. I'd chosen a theme and it was fun blogging about the places I'd traveled or wanted to travel. Some posts garnered tremendous response, while few others went by with a few hits. This time around, I read a lot of stories, poems and some brilliant posts across the globe. It was yet again a fantastic experience. When I signed up for this challenge on a whim, I was quite skeptical of finishing this what with a lot of changes happening in life. But then, I am glad I did sign up and complete this for I now have read blogs that are simply poignant and wonderfully written.

Congratulations to all those who finished and look forward to seeing you all again next year same time. :)

Yay I survived. :) Cheers

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Z for Zurich

What a wonderful journey through the challenge and a fitting last post - Zurich - one place that's most definitely on my wish list and because I've been promised that Lausanne will happen, am sure Zurich will too. I also want to do Zanzibar; perhaps later?

Zurich is commercial and residential and has nothing much to offer in terms of a nature lover's paradise; yet there's something about this city that's always captured my attention.

So, with that I end this year's challenge. The reflections post will be up later next week. Cheers to all those who pursued and completed the challenge.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Y for Yorkshire

We are nearing completion and I am exhausted from all the travel, although mighty excited because I now have a good bucket list :)

And now, we travel to the historic county and perhaps the biggest of them all in the North of England. Home to some beautiful national parks and cliffs and beaches, it's no wonder this place is nicknamed God's own county. Yorkshire also has plenty breweries and some have been active as early as the 12th century and in its hay days used to produce at least 60 barrels every 10 days. Beer anyone? :)

Monday, 28 April 2014

X for Xinjiapo

Xinjiapo it's nothing but Singapore (in Mandarin :) )A country that's so near yet so far for me. Having heard a lot about this country from my friends and colleagues, I just hope I can plan a trip next year at least. I will write more after I travel because I am very sure I will. Travel, that is.

Any tips, pointers, off beat places in Singapore, suggestions - most welcome. Cheers

W for West Indies

It's been a mad mad week and all I want to do now is chill out. Take a break. Take a vacation. Counting days to my first long vacation in perhaps 10 years? Thanks to this challenge, I am at least virtually traveling.

Today it's West Indies (that includes the Lucayan Archipelago). For someone who prefers mountains, the last few posts have all been beaches that also have some amazing mountains :) I am not complaining at all.

The food is very similar to Indian / Arabian cuisine and derives a lot from local fresh produce, rice, coconut, beans and meat.

Not to mention that some of my favorite cricket players hail from the West Indies. :) :)

Pics courtesy Wiki

Friday, 25 April 2014

V for Vanautu

As I googled for more places to add to my wishlist, I chanced upon Vanautu - a lovely little archipelago near Australia, in the South Pacific. I am not sure if I will ever visit this place, but by the looks of it, it has a lovely history and some great local fresh food. French and English are the official languages along with Bislama which is the national language.

What intrigued me most is the national dish - Lap Lap - a recipe made with taro paste and coconut milk and steamed in banana leaves. It's said that most food here is steamed and there's very little fried food. As I wondered if I can ever get to Vanautu by air as I am not too fond of traveling by sea, I did note that they have a cute little airport and is well-connected to Auckland, Australia, Japan and USA. There is hope after all.

Pics courtesy Wiki