X for Xinjiapo

Xinjiapo it's nothing but Singapore (in Mandarin :) )A country that's so near yet so far for me. Having heard a lot about this country from my friends and colleagues, I just hope I can plan a trip next year at least. I will write more after I travel because I am very sure I will. Travel, that is.

Any tips, pointers, off beat places in Singapore, suggestions - most welcome. Cheers


  1. You will love the order,cleanliness & discipline they have.Wish ,we can also develop that sense here.

  2. I lived in Singapore for couple of years so I can give you all the best tips you want :) Honestly I don't think Singapore is a great place but it is definitely worth a visit. Shoot me an email and I can guide you through the planning and the off-beat choices

  3. I have read about the Garden by the Bay which is said to be truly amazing. Maybe you should visit that.


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