M for ManSarovar

If I ever want to do one thing in my life, it is this trip. While I don't care much about the religious importance, I want to do this for my love of mountains and the sheer excitement and adrenaline. The selection process is arduous; one has to be physically, medically and financially fit to undertake this long and tedious journey around the Mt Kailash. The 52 km trek is daunting and requires not just the physical stamina but expect the traveler to be in top mental condition. The climate and terrain is not easy; the trek is complicated and it's nothing short of a miracle to complete this journey.

Have you done this trek? What advise do you have for travelers like me? And how many of you want to join me for this if I do plan to go?

Merely thinking about this and looking at the image below gives me goosebumps. Har har Mahadev!


  1. The Isha Yoga Group organises this trek with great care! You may want to check the ishayoga website!

  2. I dont know about the travel plans. But there is a trip organized by Indian tourism board. Requires Chinese visa i guess. As Mahesh said, Isha organizes a trip every year. People said it is really good. Food may be a concern for people like me. You can check the link here.
    Also if you want to know what it is to look at Mt. Kailash by sunrise, you must must must read this.

  3. I have been to the mountains but not this one. We went to places which were doable like Thunganath, and nearby places. I can dream of this but I do know for sure that I cannot do this one. So, content with the ones I have done. And, no, it is not on my wishlist ;)

    Joy always,

  4. Heard a lot about this place and the impending dangers , so when u go do contact who already want and safeguard urself but I know the experience will be out of the world
    Good luck
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