An Indian holiday is never complete without Goa and it's indeed sad that I have never been to this place. I've spent approximately 2 hours in the sweltering heat of Goa in transit to Pune. Other than that, I am waiting for August where I might attend a beach wedding in Goa - a big fat Indian wedding. Yay!

My nearest Goa vacation was at this beautiful resort called Wildernest about 60 km from Panjim, on the Belgaum highway. It's definitely worth some vacation time. I will probably do a separate post on Goa once I do some vacation time there.

Susan: I am going to need all your help when I plan a Goa trip :) Do tell me all the off beat places and places where I get yumm food (and drink).

Wishlist: Geneva


  1. Enjoy your trip! Have been there once...but wouldn't mind going back :) --Jenz

  2. Sure thing. Plan soonest :)

    Joy always,

  3. I liked the title 'Goaaaa' and am here! Enjoy!

  4. I like 'jiljil ramamani' also!

  5. I love your theme! It's giving me some great places to add to the bucket list. :) Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie

  6. Again another place on my bucket list :) Gujarat during Navrathri is another one.

  7. Never been to Goa, the cousins keep planning to visit it... but nothing materializes...


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