K for Kiss

That microsecond when your neck is expecting a kiss..
...is the most sensuous. A whiff of mild breeze ruffled her hair; she looked up and smiled coyly.

His words rang in her ears "A picture is worth a thousand words, but a kiss is worth a million!"

He was about to kiss her that evening.

That kiss which would have spoken a million words, that one kiss which would have told her she was still desirable despite the sleepy look, that kiss which she would have wanted to go on forever, that kiss, that she still regrets, didn't happen, and the one kiss that would have stirred and awakened the dormant woman in her!

As she stood, looking out the window reminiscing that moment, a rain drop fell on her lips. She felt him pushing her hair away and plant a soft kiss on her neck! She blushed, smiled and turned; there was no one but her imagination running riot. Her cheeks flushed; warm blood ran through her.

Clouds opened up and the rains lashed.

He wanted to kiss her, not for that moment, but forever. She made him feel alive. He couldn't forget that moment, when she was so near, yet so far, almost vulnerable. That almost-kiss, that moment was gone and will always be remembered as a missed kiss; but he wanted to smother her in a million more.

He couldn't stop thinking about her; if only he had kissed her, that would have been much more intoxicating than the drink he held to his lips.

That kiss that she would have wanted again and again and again, that kiss that would have spoken volumes of the desire of the man kissing her, that kiss that would have made her melt in his arms.

Ah just one kiss, and the world would have spun! She would have held him for dear life, reciprocating with the same passion and desire, something she didn't realize, at that point, existed.

His lips drew into a smile, waiting for the moment, when he'd be able to take her in his arms again, and again... and again... and kiss her senseless!

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  1. a to j ellam ara pakkam oru line rendu line adichitu kiss adikarathuku pakkam pakkama adichiruka...amul baby...nee weightuma :D

  2. I love kisses and on the neck . . . well, I wont say more.

    Joy always,


  3. "That microsecond" no further comments ;)

  4. ahem ahem... nice one i say!!

    aduthathu enna???/ ;o)hehehe..

    1. lol Aaroo - yosikala :) But, now you guys are making me think!

  5. Neck is more sensual and primal for some reason, never understood that! Liked hidden analogy with the rain. Keep writing.

    1. Perhaps its more sensitive? Not sure why. :)

  6. Ahem..
    Not surprised by the number of comments..!!

  7. The neck and ear has more sensory receptors i guess. Good post the rain effect has my vote.

  8. I remember a kiss that didn't happen. I was young, and the intensity of his stare scared me, so I ducket under his arm and into the other room. I always wondered what would have happened.



    1. Susan: That's exactly what triggered this post. An experience that will always be remembered as a missed kiss, not to mention that we have shared a million more after that!

  9. kiss/neck/rain ufffffff.. all go together very well :) ;P


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