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Lee Child is one of my favorite authors and he sure deserves a separate post. I've always enjoyed crime and thriller fiction and a few years ago my best friend graciously allowed me to borrow a few books to save me from boredom. The first one from that lot that caught my attention was Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child. I was hooked, to say the least. The lead character Jack Reacher became my favorite hero of all times. After I read that book, I hit the book store with a vengeance and collected all of his books.

Lee Child is the pen name of the British Author Jim Grant.  I've now read all of his Jack Reacher series and been crazy enough to pre-order new releases the moment Landmark makes the announcement.

Recently, one of his books - One Shot - was made into a full length feature film starring Tom Cruise. I wondered if Tom would be able to do justice to this legendary character and was genuinely surprised to see him portray this character with aplomb.

The next book - Never go back - will be released in Sep 2013. A perfect birthday gift.

If you haven't read Lee Child, please go pick up TripWire to begin with. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

This post is dedicated to my fellow Lee Child fans - you know who you are :-)

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  1. Ahaaa a post for "Jim Grant" totally awesome. :)
    By the way athu enna?? perfect birthday gift nu hintu yaarukoo?? ;)

  2. kiss lenthu directa child!!! hmm..amul babynu adikadi prove panra :D:D but u've given me a good author to hunt for books :) wl chk them out..apdi soft copies iruntha thatti vidu

  3. Will check out his books...and as you said will start with the one you have recommended :) - Jenz

  4. Love Lee Child! I was indignant when Tom Cruise was cast, mostly because he is so much shorter than Jack Reacher. But I know he is a very good actor, and it's good to hear he played the role well. I've read every Lee Child book and always look forward to the new one. Looking at this photo of Child, I realized that when I picture Jack Reacher, I think he looks a lot like Child!


  5. One of my Fav too.....!!! :)


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