J for Jillu

This is a character from a movie very close to my heart. A best friend, an excellent musician, the innocent girl with a brilliant sense of humor and down-to-earth simplicity - this character, played by Manorama, has all the qualities of a supporting artiste. A well etched and well analyzed character, Jillu is the best friend of the lead character in the movie. She not only helps relieve his stress but also helps him understand his ego and unites him with his lady love. A true symbol of friendship and character is displayed by Jillu at various junctures.

I've watched his movie a million times and yet each time when this character appears, I somehow lose myself in her charm and wit.

Movie credit: Thillana Mohanambal
Artiste: Manorama
Character Name: Jil Jil Ramamani. 

This blog is named after this character, for it has inspired me in more ways than one. 

Photo courtesy: The Hindu


  1. Jillu...Jillu. enna kolladha jillu ;) ;)

  2. My favourite too! :) - Jenz

  3. Oh what an amazingly well portrayed character ! Manorama achi was just so perfect for the role of Jillu :) Nice reminder Deepa

  4. I expected this post :D How can one character frm a movie influence your posts soo much?! Truly amazing.. Shows the impact of jiljilramamani in your lyf.. :) Keep blogging!!

  5. Ohhhh... Ippo than theriyudhu, the reason behind your blog name!!! Lolz!!! :D
    I too loved her in the movie. Actually I loved the entire movie and everyone in it!!! :D
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  6. This is one of the best characters ever. :-)


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