G for Goofy

One of my favorite Walt Disney characters, this fellow happens to be Mickey and Donald's best friend. Often characterized as nutty, less intelligent and dumb, Goofy has had some poignant moments interacting with his son Max!

There have been quite a few arguments on why this character is treated as a human while Mickey's pet Pluto, is a normal household dog, considering both Goofy and Pluto belong to the canine species!

Who's your favorite Disney character?

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  1. Yaay :) For me, it always is Donald

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  3. When I was a kid, the whole Goofy/Pluto thing confused me! I remember asking why Goofy wore shoes, and my family was all, "Huh?" But when you're a toddler, you notice these things!

    I was never much of a Donald Duck fan. He didn't seem very nice. I much preferred Daffy when it came to cartoon ducks.

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    1. Ah Daffy and Bugs Bunny - what a combination they made :)

  4. I loved Donald, especially his voice :)

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    1. Too many people seem to be liking Donald :) He sure has an aura :D

  5. Aaaha!! Goofy and Mickey were easy to draw.. they featured in most of my childhood sketches.But "The Quack Pack" is my all time fav .... As a kid was pretty intrigued by the voices of Donald and his nephews :).
    Good one Deepa !! :)

    1. Thank you Sriram. Appreciate the feedback. The voice of Donald was by Charles Nash (who was also nicknamed Ducky). His grave (along with his wife's) is engraved with Donald and Daisy Duck.

  6. I used to like his nephews more than Donald.. :)

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  7. Mickey n Minnie for me!!!!

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  8. I like Donald Duck as Scrooge. Great piece way to get in your daily dose of culture there :)


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