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Note: This post is inspired after reading Susan Taylor's post on Namaste

The vibrations of the sound of Om is by far the most mysterious and sacred. I was taught, as part of my Art of Living course, to chant long OM 3 long times as soon as I wake up. Day 1, I didn't quite realize the implications. On day 6 though, not only did the sound come naturally to me but I could feel my entire being at peace and the sound of this mystical word reverberating through my body.

There are various meanings and connotations to this word. The word Om (or AUM) is the beginning of sound - with A not touching your lips / tongue and ends with M pursing your lips. The U rolls from the pit of the stomach and completes the formation of the first sound that incorporates your complete body and soul before pronouncing this.

This post is also indirectly related to Nothingness.

What's your experience with OM Chanting?

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  1. There are days when I chant it loud from the abdomen all alone and feel a bliss of calmness after chanting for 10 mins. One of the best tools for meditation! Do it in a group of rhythm in sync to multiply benefits.

  2. wonderful write up ! loved it ! never realized it ! i wll try it soon !

  3. Also, OM is the fusion of the Sounds Sa,Re,Ga,Ma,Pa,Dha,Nee. :) Nice One :)

  4. Om is the vibration of the universe. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Damyanti @Daily(w)rite
    Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2013

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z
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  5. It's not something I've practiced before. Will add it to my meditations. Great post.

  6. I heard its significance though never chanted :)
    fellow A to Zer
    good lck

  7. Its amazing experience to chant OM(AUM) when the whole body vibrates and you feel peaceful from within and as you've suggested the AAAA sound reverbrates the navel, UUUUUUU the chest, abdomen and the MMMM for the face (This is from my experience during school days)

  8. If I don't wake before 7 am then appa would switch on the "OM" chanting. So I have no other choice than waking up. Most of the days Om chanting is my suprabhatam. #true story

  9. OM chanting really helps in meditating and a great respiratory exercise but in reality its' religious significance surpasses everything.

    From A - Z April Challenge

  10. The chant of OM is a rhythm that is been constantly around, try this sometime, close all the doors and windows in your room, switch anything that creates noise. Sit and focus, you'll hear a buzz. That buzz is the buzz of OM by the devetaas around you. It needs a graet deal of focus and calmness though :)

    Awesoome post.
    Great going !

    Keep smiling,

  11. Grt Post Deepa!! The vibrations caused by OM are truly special

  12. Nice post Deepa :) Absolutely true about how it calms your inner self

  13. A deep meditation, chanting 'Om' is definitely relaxing. I've tried it.

  14. Or as Master Shifu says, it helps bring inner peace!


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