X for XOXO

XO is normally used for hugs and kisses over letters or chat conversations. As I looked for the etymology of this, I came across a few theories.One is that the letter X resembles two mouths touching. A second theory, which is the most common one, dates back to middle ages. It claims that when people could not sign their name, an X is marked at the end of the document and kissed in good faith. 

Do you know any other theory?

xoxo :-)

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  1. Certain things are best enjoyed, without going into too much detail :D

  2. I sign so many emails to friends with xo that sometimes I accidentally do it to people I DON'T mean to sign that way with... luckily, I've always caught it before hitting send!

    Here from A-Z!

  3. The first time when I said sent :* and XO few years back to some one, the other side took months to figure them out.

  4. Interesting trivia. So how did the O become the hug? I bet I could guess.


  5. I love this post. I love learning little odd facts about how and why things came to be. Congrats on completing the challenge. :)


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