U for Uphill

We are often faced with an uphill climb - at work, home, or life in general. That climb is going to be hard; it's going to be tough; you may run out of breath at times; the path is steep and rocky.

You might want to rest for a bit but don't give up. You are nearly there.

And when you reach the summit, that exhilaration will make it all worth it.  As the wind caresses your face and glides through your body, the pain vanishes and all that's left is that supreme sense of calm.

Remember - there's a hand to hold and a voice to guide. I know you are there beside me taking me through all of the troubled times; a simple hug makes all the difference. I know you've held my hand when the going got tough; I mouth a silent prayer for all those moments that you've been there with me and for those that you'd be in the years to come. Thank you for making the uphill climb interesting and relatively easy.

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  1. Some how ur post made me remind of a chyme at school ..
    ...humm....."Inner voice Is calling calling you"..

    Make God ur blessing let him tell u what to do listen he is calling clear n true ..
    Take time to listen have courage to obey .."The Inner Voice is Calling Calling you"..

  2. Lovely post, and so true. We all love that feeling we get at the end of an uphill journey.

  3. Wonderfully uplifting! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.


  4. Malai erartha epdi lam solranga pa

  5. True. Sometimes the destination is so close that we cannot afford to pause, but have to push ourselves. Only the hand and voice of a loved one can help us take those critical steps to reach our destination :-). Nicely written :-)


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