T for Twirl

As a little girl, I always loved twirling my long skirts and frocks and gaze in surprise at the umbrella it turned into. That childhood fascination with twirls, I realized, never went away. I didn't quite wear skirts later on but that never stopped me from performing a small twirl every now and then. A few months ago, I'd bought a red salsa skirt (not that I do salsa) and as I wore it the urge to twirl was so much I couldn't resist twirling a bit even when I was at work.

A twirl is that childish pleasure; a sense of freedom as you inhale that whiff of air; a sense of joy and happiness as you hold his hand and twirl around and smile that smile that's worth everything in life!

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  1. Ooohh.. that is so lovely.. because even I love to twirl my skirt around and my sibling teases me for it, saying I am still a 7 year old girl :D

  2. Twirl... Innocence of a girl and the grace of a women.

  3. Agree...Twirl is a childhood innocence...!! Always loved those twirls in skirts.

  4. Childish pleasure indeed. How I loved twirling those long dresses and long skirts :-).


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