V for Vanilla

The most expensive spice, only after saffron though, vanilla has always been my favorite flavor. And no, I don't mean the artificial ones we get in the store. There's plenty of difference between the bottled nonsense available off the shelf and the authentic flavors made at home / procured from specialty stores. I recently read a blog post on how to make the essence at home.

Ice creams, milk shakes, cup cakes - you name it - I prefer the vanilla. This simple yet fragrant spice has me on a high every time I take a spoonful. Last week, we'd been to Mickaël Besse's store here and ordered the vanilla raspberry tart. This was served with a mini scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream. The best I've ever had. This is one flavor that can be easily combined with any other flavor and yet can retain it's individuality.

I love the flavor and aroma of vanilla so much that my latest body lotion kit from Bath and Body Works is the warm vanilla and sugar. The aroma is so soothing that it actually lulls you to sleep. #Addicted

What's your favorite flavor?

A couple sharing an ice cream (Photo by Emily Anne Epstein)


  1. true yummiest ice creams r vanilla!they r rich n creamy....

  2. mine s butter scotch and vanilla !

  3. Butter scotch & black currant anyday :)

  4. Vanilla with chocolate sauce.... yummy yummm....

  5. Now, are you asking a flavour we love to taste or use as a lotion/body wash, etc?

    Icecream/drink flavour - Chocolate

    Lotion/Body wash - Vanilla, Shea Butter, and many others.

    Joy always,

  6. I started appreciating Vanilla Icecream only after I started eating it with Brownie, Jilabis and Carrot Halwa. Any day, A vanilla with chocolate sauce is just out of the world :-D


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