W for Willy Wonka

One of my favorite characters from one of my favorite authors Roald Dahl, is this creative, weird, odd genius who owns the chocolate factory. He is almost magical and there are times I've wished I was Charlie and became the heir of the chocolate factory, given my love for chocolate. Who can resist the yummy hot chocolate in the cool evenings or a dollop of chocolate sauce over the vanilla ice cream? It's the chocolate that comes to my rescue when I feel low. And each time I pick up a piece of Lindt or Godiva, I imagine I am inside the chocolate factory surrounded by the aroma of chocolate and this delicious liquid dripping away from every possible corner. Can there ever be a chocolate overdose!

Here's to Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory :-)

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  1. Love Willy Wonka! And chocolate. :)

    Visting from A to Z blogging~

  2. Who would forget Willy Wonka and his Chocolate Factory, the edible land. How many times I've wished for it to be real for the same love for chocolates :-)


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