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Legends always impress & interest me. The stories of princes and princesses, kings and queens, stories of their love, passion, war and grandeur has me hooked. I have grown up listening to stories of everlasting love, of brave warriors fighting for their land, of rich palaces, of plots, of revenge and of victory of good over evil. As much as I loved happy endings, I also began to understand the greatness of power, the strength of emperors in wreaking havoc, the helplessness of young lovers and the beautiful tales woven with intricate finery.

Indian heritage is famous for legends. One such and my favorite is that of Anarkali, literally translating to the pomegranate blossom.

The love story of the court dancer Anarkali and Salim, son of Emperor Akbar always had me wondering if this is how true love would be! The beautiful-beyond-words courtesan and the handsome prince fell in love, only to be separated later. She was a commoner and he was a prince - naturally, this relationship would never be approved. Yet, emotions rode high, for the couple were in love, a love so deep that he would have done anything to be with his beloved, including raising an army to fight with his father.

Finally, power reigned supreme. The delicate flower was crumpled under the heavy shoes of politics and power. She was supposedly walled alive, with the prince not allowed even a glimpse of his lady-love.

There are other variations to this legend, some that claim that she was rescued and later married the prince, and some that claim that her release was obtained on the promise that she'd never set eyes on the prince again. All this said, her love for the prince was true and beyond any doubt.

Anarkali, the beautiful maiden who lost her life in quest for true love, will always remain a favorite.

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  1. Nice write up Deeps.Also the Anarkalli kurta is supposed to have originated from her dressing style.

    1. Thanks Aunty :) Yes that's true about the suit!

  2. Nice Deepa.. I liked it :) . Pomegranate blossom.. this very translation sounded like an native american tribe princess !!

  3. Until you've mentioned I've never known Anarkali meant Pomegranate blossom!!! Nice write up :)

  4. Deepa, I always wonder about such love stories. Is there are person who could love like that endlessly and so intensely. Once when I asked my friend about loving endlessly, he replied, "It just takes two years to forget someone." I wonder whether a love so deep can be forgotten.

    I sometimes wish someone loved me to death like that.

    Loved the topic of your A. Look forward to the remainder posts.

    Joy always,

    1. Susan, Yes it takes about 2 years to forget someone, though not completely. They'll always occupy a certain part of your brain. There's a reason I say so! That said, I agree with you - I wish someone loved me to death! Sigh! :)

    2. Susan! Its possible. There are people who love like that. As deepa said, nobody can forget anyone completely. A piece of them will remain in our brain or heart. And then there is this other one we are so madly in love with. She will take whole of the brain to herself and allocate 10% for us to live..

  5. Opened your blog! and Checked the URL jiljilramamani?! :D Wat a URL Deepa... And your first post for A-Z Challenge in tune with your interest in historic characters.. Anarkali.. Nice write up! Liked the language and flow especially.. All the best for the remaining 25..

  6. At the end of the day, Salim and Anarkali didnt exist. Its just a work of fiction. But how can anyone forget "Jab pyaar kiya tho darna kya"??


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