P for Pink

I know many women who don't like to be associated with the color pink claiming it's too girly. I have no such qualms. I love the color, its various shades and hues, the soothing feel of the satin pink, the bright cotton candy pink, the pink of the early morning / late evening sky and the soft pink of a baby's feet.

That said, I don't own a pink wardrobe :-) Someone gifted me a pink (OK it was more mauve, but it's the thought that counts) wallet knowing my penchant for this color and I refused to throw it away until I got another pink one. Once I was about to board a bus and the bus was pink in color. My yoga mat is pink, my chair cushion is pink. But I'd never buy a pink car or wear pink lipstick My walls are not pink but my ottoman is.

And the highlight of it all was when someone gifted me a pink knife, knowing my love for the kitchen and pink! #happiness

What's your take on pink?


  1. A nice color, as you said I shunned away from pink, especially dresses. Until one day my wardrobe was full of blacks and whites (my favos) so right now, mom chooses colors for me and guess what I have loads of pink around me :P

    Pink knife? ahhh

    Nice post!
    Keep smiling,

  2. Jinkucha Jinkucha!! :-P

    Purely feminine. No comments! In perspective of my interests, there is one place where men are made proud to wear pink. Similar to the Tour de France, there is a premier cycle race in Italy called "Giro de Italia". The winner, or the person in the lead wears a "Pink" Jersey.

  3. pink by far is the prettiest color ,and I believe it suits everyone

  4. Love the knife, hate the colour... vitta, will color the whole world BLUE :D

  5. nice color :) never try this on clothes not sure whether its suites me or not !

  6. Mushy! As they say what's in a color:) cool pic:)

  7. If red is a colour for sophisticated lady as they say. Then pink is for the gorgeous little princess. pink love <3 :D

  8. I don't much like this colour but love the pink chikankari sarees and suits. Apart from that, no pinks for me. I am more of a black, grey, red, maroon person.

    Now a pink knife sounds interesting. Imagine cutting pink onions with a pink knife - Conjures a lovely image :)

    Joy always,

  9. I love pink too. Haven't seen you on the FB group A2Zers...started up by Corinne Rodrigues. Have you joined it?

    Look forward to the rest of your challenge posts!
    Damyanti @Daily(w)rite
    Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2013

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z
    AZ blogs on Social Media

  10. I think pink is a very beautiful color that symbolizes "Softness". MY daughter is in love with this color and everything that she wants/buys is pink in color.

  11. I like pink as a colour. Just as I like Blue. I dont like it when it is used to differentiate between the sexes.


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