R for Rameswaram

The southern tip of India that connects Sri Lanka, not only has a political significance but a very important historical / mythological significance. It is said that Lord Ram built a bridge from here to Sri Lanka to rescue his wife Sita who was abducted by Ravan. There are evidences to prove that this bridge (Ram Setu) indeed exists. A beautiful temple, lot of history and a brilliant beach - this place is definitely on my list. While Danushkoti was washed away in a cyclone, the temple still stands strong, a testimony to the brilliant architecture of our times.

All pics courtesy Wikipedia


  1. I heard abt Ram setu !
    The architecture of that temple is truly brilliant

  2. very recently i have been to rameswaram and i went to dhanuskoti twice :D awesome place to visit. i was near the tip :D so happy

  3. I recall that I visited the temple thereon my visit ! Thanks for reminding me !

  4. Hi Deepa .. looks just amazing .. cheers Hilary


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