C for Calcutta

I visited Calcutta in Oct 2006. It was extremely hot and humid, worse than where I come from (Madras and no, it's not M for Madras or may be?) and the traffic was beyond anyone's imagination. It was just madness. I was hosted there by a couch surfing member (yes yes I used to actively couch surf then) and we did the one-day Calcutta darshan - visited the mandatory Victoria memorial, St Paul's Cathedral, Belur Mutt etc etc.

What stood out the most about Calcutta for me were 2 things - 1. The food. Simply amazing. Especially a restaurant called Bhojo Hari Manna. Don't miss it, even if you are a pure vegetarian like me. 2. The old world charm, especially in the cobblestoned alleys that sort of took me back to the pre-independence era and the tram rides.

What I hated the most was the traffic and had to leave at least 3 hours ahead if I wanted to reach somewhere on time.

Wishlist: Cambodia, Cyprus Canada

St Paul's Cathedral

Victoria Memorial

Goddess Kali, ready for immersion after the Chat pooja

Vijaya Chandra Setu ( a cousin of the Howrah bridge)

Netaji Subash Chandra Bose's residence and the car that he used to escape from the British. And I don't look like that now. :) 

Dakshineshwar Kali Mandir


  1. Lovely post. I have fond memories of Calcutta too.

  2. i always wanted t go to Calcutta during Durga Puja times..Its been a long long wish

  3. In an ideal world K for Kolkatta - aamader Kolkatta :)

  4. Hey yes Kolkata is also in my wish list esp after watching Kahaani movie :) Durga pujo is so livley and vibrant :)

  5. Calcutta - The City of joy :) Loved the pictures! :)

  6. Never been there...may be one day :) - Jenz

  7. I have been to Calcutta a couple of times but I always felt I need to go there during Durga Puja. One of my favorite memories of Calcutta remains the kathi rolls

  8. So many places are on my wish list to visit, and India is one of them.

  9. I remember my visit to calcutta.. It was so lovely :) And i particularly loved this resturant called 'Banana leaf resturant' :)


  10. I'm sure you look much prettier now and it's a shame that we haven't still met in the real. Again, some day . . . And I'm still to visit Didi's place to complete the metros' visit. Looking forward to seeing this place soon.

    Joy always,

  11. Calcutta, heard lots about it... not sure whether I would want to visit, cities and crowded places.... and the traffic... not appealing.


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