Home Sweet Home

Why is home figuring in a travel blog, that too midway? Simply because, even when you have the most luxurious vacation, there's nothing like coming back home to a hot cuppa and a cold shower. I love to travel, visit exotic locales, eat crazy food and do adrenaline pumping jumps but at the end of it all, the feeling of home, that battered couch, the old worn out pajamas and a mug of steaming coffee is what life is all about.

I've virtually now traveled 7 locations but I want to be back home and put my feet up. To gear up for the next whirlwind trip starting tomorrow :) To catch my breath, to get a feel of home, to know that there is this place that I can always come back to! Home.

Today is a pit stop at home.

Psst: Very soon, there's gonna be a new home :) Can't wait

Wishlist: Hong Kong, Hawaii


  1. My H word was also "Home". But that aside - highly recommend Hawaii. I got pictures somewhere on my blog - some of the best days in my life. I want to go back like NOW.
    Hongkong was on my list for a while but my brother got back from there last week and I wasn't generally impressed - maybe I am jumping to conclusions. Hyderabad is on my list

  2. Home is where the heart is? ;) But I couldn't agree more. There is a certain comfort that home affords that cannot be provided by the most exotic locales :)

  3. True that. No matter how exotic and beautiful the holiday, coming home is always a wonderful feeling. One's own bathroom, kitchen, bed and space. Fantastic until the travel itch starts again.

    Joy always,

  4. Pretty curtains... it's true, there is no place like home...


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