V for Vanautu

As I googled for more places to add to my wishlist, I chanced upon Vanautu - a lovely little archipelago near Australia, in the South Pacific. I am not sure if I will ever visit this place, but by the looks of it, it has a lovely history and some great local fresh food. French and English are the official languages along with Bislama which is the national language.

What intrigued me most is the national dish - Lap Lap - a recipe made with taro paste and coconut milk and steamed in banana leaves. It's said that most food here is steamed and there's very little fried food. As I wondered if I can ever get to Vanautu by air as I am not too fond of traveling by sea, I did note that they have a cute little airport and is well-connected to Auckland, Australia, Japan and USA. There is hope after all.

Pics courtesy Wiki


  1. wow there r Million places which I never heard !
    This Vanautu looks dreamy

  2. Your A-Z posts has introduced me to many new places,this is also one of them

    Viscous Solution

  3. Such clear waters ! Azure Blue sky ! Dream destination !

  4. Glad I stopped by on these last few days of the #Challenge. You took me on a lovely arm chair travel experience. Great photos to enhance your post. Thanks.

  5. Living in Australia, this place has been on my list but I am not sure if I would make it there before I move away from here :( My wish list for V is Vietnam (Ha Long bay has been calling my name for too long)

  6. I have been to Vanuatu and it is really beautiful. The beaches are very clean with pristine water.
    The native people of Vanuatu are very friendly and courteous.


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