O for Ooty

One more hill station adding to my list of places traveled. Located in the Nilgiri hills and often known at Udagamandalam, this once pretty hill station is called the queen of hill stations. Ooty was the summer capital of the erstwhile Madras region, during the British Raj. (Even now, the place is beyond crowded during summer vacations)

Extremely well connected by roads and rail, my fondest memories of Ooty were staying in a beautiful little cottage owned by a relative and being bundled in layers of warm clothing as we had never seen such chill cweather, having lived in the hot and humid Chennai. I have some of the best Chocolates, Tea and fresh vegetables from this region. I haven't been here in decades now but I do hope I can go again and relive some old memories and make new ones.

From Ooty, it's easier to cover other places like Conoor, Top Slip, Coimbatore & Pykara Dam. Yes I want to go again. :)

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  1. I went to OOTY long back. Dont remember much. Need a revisit and cunoor is in my hit list too :) thanks for lovely pics

  2. Ooty is a lovely place...but has become more commercial these days.

  3. Ooty is close to Coimbatore, where I've been often. But I've never been to Oooty.

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  4. I was 8 years old when I visited Ooty. Don't really remember much as that was a long long long time ago. Pretty pictures.

  5. Shamelessly admitting, I've never been to Ooty, despite being a resident of CBE for 3 long years :) BUt will definitely do, sometime :)

    And btw, jiljil is my favourite too :D :D

  6. I have been to Ooty almost ten years back. Nice place though getting too crowded.

  7. Ooty is certainly very beautiful...My dad says it was prettier in his days..

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  8. I have visited Ooty & it is indeed, a lovely hill station !

  9. I had to Google the term "hill station." The pictures are beautiful.
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  10. Weird but I am yet to visit Ooty. I wonder how our family missed going to Ooty. I do want to visit this place before irresponsible tourists leave the place miserable.

    Joy always,

  11. Beautiful destination!
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  12. Used to be my childhood summer haunt. Been there and watched the trees disappear over time. Sigh
    Also on my list are Oslo and Osaka

  13. Ooty is the Queen of the Hill Stations, also known as Blue Mountains is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. This hill station has splendid green downs and lofty hills of extraordinary scenic beauty and is endowed with a salubrious climate similar to the English summer. Ooty is a beautiful and all time favorite destinations of all tourists. Tourist across the seas comes here to visit the amazing location and for many travelers who prefer to stay at hill view resorts in Ooty.


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