P for Pune

I have been associated with this city for over 3 decades now; as they say, home is where the heart is; and my heart will always remain in Pune. A small city about 3 hours drive from Bombay, Pune is rich in culture, tradition and yet has a very modern outlook. I've spent quite some time here and have felt completely at home every time I step foot here.

A small airport where you walk across the runway to board a flight is managed by the Defense forces. The route to the airport is so scenic that you'd just want to walk your way reveling in the beauty of nature. A walk on MG Road, Camp and East Street gives an old world charm. Kayani Bakery makes the best shrewsbury biscuits. Shopping for groceries at Dorabjees, late night ice creams at Naturals, a cup of mint tea and a book at German Bakery, Double cheese omelette, bun maska and cutting chai at Vohuman's cafe, yummy dosas at Shekar's, the amazing bhakarwadis at Chitale, Dagudu seth Ganpati, shopping spree along Tulsi Bhag and Laxmi Road, a quiet visit to Kasba Ganpati, an evening at ABC Farms over a glass of wine, quiet homestays along the Mula river and Mulshi Dam - all this and so much more leaves me wanting to go back.

The T20 World Championships that we watched at a friend's place, a trip to Choki Dhani, a village themed resort, getting drenched in the rain, loitering around late in the night, crashing back at my place watching a funny movie - all these will forever remain fresh in my memory.

Hot summers, cold winters and insane monsoons is how I have experienced this city.

I miss my friends, I miss the city, I even my previous workplace; I can't wait for a change to go to Pune and spend a few days visiting all these places and revel in the memories.

This post is also dedicated to all those people that made my time in Pune so memorable that even after all these years I miss them and miss the place.

Choki Dhani - A Village Themed Resort

Khadakvasla Dam

Nature Walk - Eco Village - Off Mulshi

I miss this rowdy bunch

And I miss my team

East Street Cafe, East Street

A team trip to Ananda Valley
Oh yes, we eat all the time - celebrating Roshan's birthday!


  1. I am now suffering with Nostalgia!
    But hey... thats me there in your team :D

  2. Shrewsbury biscuit - a must on list, if pune is on the cards :)

  3. Even after staying in Mumbai for 14 years, I have to visit Pune yet. Good pics.

  4. hw sweet ! Nothing like good friends , good place and good food
    heard a lot abt pune. Shud visit some day
    great one

  5. My sister is there so I like the place by default :)

    P for Petrified-Random Thoughts Naba

  6. Thanks for sharing this here, Deepa :) I feel I have visited the place now, though I am yet to !!

  7. There I am!! What a trip that was, deeps!! Truly nostalgic!! Every time I step into Vohumans Cafe, I remember our Sunday breakfast of cheese omlettes, bun maska and I used to have bournvita and you preferred the Iranian Chai :) wonderful memories!! When coming back?? We must plan something together in future.....visiting all the places, shopping, eating, strolling in the night as if it were broad daylight.....Absolute fun!! Amazing writeup deeps!! :) God bless...!!


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