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I am a sucker for Spas! The last time I'd been to Oryza - the Thai massage was so brilliant and the masseuse pulled me in different directions that I could have given Joshna Ramakrishnan a run for her money! (For the uninitiated, Joshna is a yoga instructor at 136.1 Yoga Studio). But it set me back by close to INR 3000 for 1 hour.

Prior to that I'd been to White Mantra in Bangalore. This is a luxury spa and the massage was great! The ambiance even better. We had a slightly difficult time finding this place but was well worth the trip (The lunch at Tangerine was an added bonus :D) This one set me back by a little over INR 4000 for 2 people! They even threw in a complimentary 20 min foot massage!

When I lived in Pune, Four Fountains was my favorite spa. Super affordable and luxurious, they have now started operations in Bangalore too. On weekdays, their rates are reduced by almost INR 200.

So, I was on the look out for affordable spas in Chennai. And that's when Spa Senza made its foray in Chennai. I'd earlier gone there for a fish pedicure and it was eewwwww. Seriously, the fish latch on to your feet as if they have never seen food in a lifetime! And that was the end of the fish pedicure for me!

I had some vouchers worth INR 1300 to use and decided to spend some time at the spa this evening. Spa Senza is calm, soothing instrumental music playing on (unless of course the annoying woman in the next bed decides to not silence her phone and talk with all and sundry).White linen hangs around the place, with a huge fish tank right where you can see them swimming around aimlessly! Instaglow facial, spearmint pedicure, deep tissue foot massage and a Head Back Neck Shoulder Massage - spent over 3 hours there and paid INR 2800.

Totally worth it - this place, you won't regret one bit, except, don't ever go for the fish pedicure!

On that note, the shade of nail paint that I chose to wear this time is called Hopelessly in Love. There's another shade of nail paint that's called "Makes Men Blush"

**Spa Senza is in Besant Nagar, right opposite the beach, next to Mash and By the Bay


  1. I have never been to a Spa though I always dream of being in one. This post came at the right time but alas I'm not in Chennai. But I have to thank you for this post for I'm going to recommend this to my sister in Chennai.

    Joy always,

  2. deeps, where are the pics? its so unusual to see your blog without any pics at all...come on, dont disappoint your readers..update with photographs pronto (...wiping saliva)

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