Hatrick weekend!

The last movie I saw was Life of Pi and Skyfall before that. I'd  missed the most interesting one - Argo.

Almost months after the release, when Satyam cinemas were closing out the shows for this movie, and S giving me that DUH look for not having seen this yet, I decided to finally watch this on Friday.

Inspired by a true story (they said that in the end credits), a serious funny movie, this is a must watch for movie lovers.

Had this been a tamil movie, I am sure there would have been at least one sad song when Harkins in stuck in the hotel in Iran, giving that puppy-eyed look when he misses his wife and son.

And then, mom and dad wanted to see Thuppaakki. S had seen it last week and told me it was "thoo pakki". And a whole bunch of friends said it was ultra brilliant. And a few others said it's fast paced and interesting and what not! I loved Vidyut Jamwal. I didn't bother to so much as give him a second look in Billa 2, but hey, this guy is hotness! Totally droolworthy! (Uma - please see this movie)

For once, I was okay with a Vijay movie, although it would have been better if they had chopped off all the songs and made it crispier.

(And dinner at ID was a given)

And Sunday morning, Talaash. A la Sixth Sense, you can break the clue in scene 1. But hey, I loved it! Totally loved that movie making has come of age in bollywood and loved the songs. Loved the fact that AK who didn't know swimming until this movie learnt swimming, especially for those difficult shots.

Oh, BTW, we had breakfast at ID.

I thought I will have a relaxed week, but it appears that my plans are already made even before I knew it! :-)


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