Mundasu Kavi!

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite poets ever - Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar. Every word, ever poem has inspired me, pulled me from the dumps, wiped my tears, made me smile, and dance with joy.

Be it kaakkai chiraginile nandalaala or kaani nilam vendum - the bhakthi is pure. And in verses like Agni kunjonru kanden, nalladhor veenai seidhe and manadhil urudhi vendum, the inspiration surges. I feel tremendous energy flow through when I sing these! Chinnanchiru kiliye talks about the love for a small child in the form of the Lord.

His genre varied, the tamizh unpolluted, the emotion raw - yet he struck a chord with everyone - adults and children alike.

Atma - a collection of soulful songs by Bharathiyar, rendered by Bombay Jayashree, still remains one of my favorite semi classical albums.

A friend so rightly quipped - Medai pechukkum, pottikkum mattume ubhayogapadutthapadum andha kavi-ku en vanakkangal

The meesai kavi continues to live in our hearts, through his words!


  1. "Medai pechukkum, pottikkum mattume ubhayogapadutthapadum andha kavi-ku en vanakkangal ".... so is it that the great poet's words is used only for the stage ???

    1. off late, hardly anyone stands by what he says. His words are being abused / hardly used. Pray tell me - has the government done anything to commemorate his birthday every year? Instead they go about building statues and 2 leaved memorials! :)

  2. Great piece. I wanted to write a piece in Tamil yesterday and could not find the time. Will wait and post in a better time..


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