Santa is coming...

... for this little boy in class 4. All of 8 years old, he wants a small TV video game. The keyword here being small. I can imagine how that kid must have chewed his pencil before writing this note, requesting Santa what he wanted. As yet, he doesn't know if his wish is going to be fulfilled and it's going to be a big surprise for him. I wish I could see that kid when he opens his pack.

As part of CSR in my office, instead of playing Chris Ma Chris Child with colleagues, they have initiated this activity where you get to fulfill one wish for an underprivileged kid.

I'd decided to put a smile to someone's face this Christmas. After all, we need to believe in miracles (and somewhere by telling that kid to believe, I tell myself too) That kid perhaps deserves so much more, but this is the least I can do to bring that small smile on his face.

I was moved when I read the note, few tears threatened to spill over; A gift to that unknown child, a  smile on that unknown lips, some happiness in that unknown heart - Merry Christmas sweetheart and A happy new year! God bless you, wherever you are!

PS: I may get this but I am waiting for some expert advice :)


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