The exiled prince

We all know the story of Rama, the crown prince of Ayodhya. He was exiled and sent to the forest for 14 years and what transpired between him and Ravana is an EPIC. There are stories and sub-stories within this epic and make for some interesting reading for children and adults alike.

How'd you like it Rama himself narrates what happened? Imagine that tall, dark and handsome man with sharp yet tender eyes and soft lips, clad in only a dhoti and angavastram, sporting a bow and a quiver of arrows, looking simple yet divine, sitting on a rock and telling you in his booming masculine voice - I am Rama and this is my story - will you drop everything and listen to him? I would. And that's what makes me want to read more. Because, this story is of the prince who was sent away to strange forests with nothing but his bow, wife and brother.

The Crystal Guardian series is a blend of facts, fiction and mythology that starts off somewhere with the British rule in India and cleanly merges with age old stories and legends of Rama and intersperses these so beautifully that you don't know where facts end and fiction begins.

If you are a big fan of Indian mystical stories and loved Amish's Shiva Trilogy, then the Rama trilogy is the next one to look forward to. There is a crystal in the world and should it fall in the wrong hands, it will wreak havoc. That's the premise of the series. The who, why, what and how is traversed in this book and I hope the entire series will be as riveting as the sample chapters.

The sample chapters were about 21 pages in all. The descriptions of Mount Kailash and Saptarishis couldn't have been better.

The author Ravi is a trained engineer and is an entrepreneur living in the USA since 1990s. Despite living in the US, his keen interest in Indian history and mythology has only deepened and this venture stands a testimony to that.

I wish Team Crystal Guardian all the best. Look forward to reading the book.

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  1. Nice....just notice..."If u r a big of" guess u missed the word "fan"

  2. Eagerly awaiting the book :)


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