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It was Dec 28, 2009. Usually Christmas and New Year always brings hope and smiles. Yet, for me, there's a sadness so deep; a sense of loss that I can't describe. The day a very dear friend passed on to the other world. I met him sometime in 2007 when I'd relocated to Pune. A bunch of Tamil folks always met up at each other's houses for a pot luck or movies or filter coffee. He was quite busy at work, so never made it to the meetings. But we always found time to talk. His wife was pregnant and due to deliver. I still remember when he called me joyfully to say it's a healthy baby boy.

You were the shining star in my life. Your silly grins, crazy text messages, serious conversations always kept me going. In my trying times, you were there to support me. We have discussed everything under the sun and yet never judged each other. You were the one that introduced me to Lee Child and David Baldacci. I faithfully read all their latest novels to keep your memory alive. I have carefully preserved your copy of The Lincoln Lawyer.

Even today, when I am lost for support, I simply look up in the sky knowing you are there somewhere with your silly smile giving me that hand to hold on to. But you, sir, have left a void, a vacuum.

As I sit here still trying to come to terms with the fact that you are no longer physically with us, you are there somewhere knowing that while you lived, you lived it with all the happiness. And for that, I am very proud of you. I hope that your wife and son have found the strength to move on without your physical presence.

And I know you'll be happy to know that I've overcome quite a few odds to be where I am today. You'll be proud of me. You'll be happy to know that there's someone very special in my life who keeps me happy and smiling. You would have liked him and you guys would have had some great times if you were here. As I write this piece amid all the tears, what I realize is that it's important to be loved like you were and to live like you did. It has been 4 years and there will be many more but I will always miss you.


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  1. Hugs da!! Memories are what keep us going.. Am sure he is up there looking down at you all the time..

  2. Take care Deepa - I am sure he is there as a shining star guiding you and all his friends and family from the heavens above! A true friend is the greatest gift that the Lord bestows upon us and the sorrow that befalls us when the Lord snatches away a promising life to soon is always painful.

    Take care!

  3. He is there guiding you Deeps...may be it was even one of his tricks to make you have that special someone :)) Keep smiling! He is always there to be with you. Cheers, Jenz

  4. Whoa..jilljill LA ivlo sent I sent I !!!


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