A crazy month and then some

The last few weeks have been crazy; crazy is an understatement. I've changed roles recently and work has just been nuts. Endless meetings, revising documents, excel sheets, pricing, numbers, version controls, emails - I give up. But then, this is what I signed up for. So, I better not complain.

Amidst all this, mom and dad got back from the yoo yes of yay and brought back with them truck loads of stuff for me, including a new shiny Nexus 4. And S thinks I keep fondling my new phone for most part of my waking and sleeping hours! (ha and I proved him wrong :D). My yearly supply of bath and body works in various fragrances and bottle sizes is now adorning my vanity case, thanks to sis.

G went to Goa on an all girls trip and brought me a bottle of Green Apple Smirnoff as an early birthday present. Huggs.

R visited me from Bangalore and we spent a weekend walking across the length and breadth of the Phoenix mall and hogging on some great food. Krishnavillasam, California Pizza Kitchen and not to forget our favorite jaunt ID benefited from our eating sprees. And we bought birthday presents for each other :D. This is now becoming a routine with R visiting me at least for a weekend each month. I am starting to look forward to it.

And then, after eons, I met some of my fellow OIers. Fond memories of Shakes and Creams and some funny conversations.

There are a couple of weddings to attend next week and my parents' wedding anniversary and my little nephew Dylan's birthday (and mine approaching soon enough).  Here's wishing a happy birthday to all my fellow virgoans (KK, Aaroo, Ranjith and everyone else)

There has been too much activity this month and we are just winding up August. I look forward to September (not just because it's my birthday), but just because! (And all you nice people reading this blog, take the hint.. ok?)

And finally, this month has seen one of the most happiest moments of life. So, yay August. Cheers and I am just promising myself I will blog (or at least rant) more often.


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