One fine day

He wore his green cotton button down shirt and white linen trousers. They are comfortable for travel, he always says. He was seeing her after several weeks or even months perhaps. He was traveling the distance to see her. To be with her. To hug her and kiss her and hold her. To forget his troubles and laugh silly.

She'd missed him so bad that she was comfortably numb now. Nothing could hurt her anymore; no more tears or so she thought. She didn't expect to see him. It's been a while now.

She wore a pair of pink shorts and a teal spaghetti - her favorite clothes to parade around at home. She sat on the couch, sipping a mug of hot ginger tea, watching the rain outside. The television was playing a movie of a bygone era. She just needed some background noise, not really caring what was on.

She walked across to the kitchen to drain her cup in the sink and as she looked out the hallway, she saw him walking. She froze. Was this a dream? An apparition probably? And when he smiled that smile, she almost fainted.

He cupped her cheeks in his palm and looked warmly into her eyes - a pool of dark brown eyes looked back at him. Her lips quivered and the eyes threatened to spill those drops of tears any moment. He was so close, she could feel his warm breath on her lips. Her eyes darted between his lips and his eyes. Her vision blurred. She looked down and a tiny drop of tear crossed her long lashes and fell across her lips.

He flicked his tongue over her lips to wipe away the salty droplet and slowly pressed his lips against hers, still cradling her face. She melted into him and held him tight. She'd missed him more than he'd ever know, not that she'd ever tell him. That one missed kiss had morphed into many more, more than she could ever imagine.

She clutched his shirt, bunched so tight in her fists, that they almost could never be creased even by the strongest of the steam iron. The tears that were held back all this while cascaded like a waterfall. She sobbed into his shirt drenching him with all her love.

She looked up at him and smiled, the smile that reached up to her eyes, the smile that erupted into passion. And at that moment, she knew.


  1. Nalla interesting aana edathula stop panna yeppadi?... naa aludduvaen....meeddhi kadhaiyai sollalenaa....

  2. kadha overa ? illa part 2 unda :) romba intersting a iruku :P

  3. Yeah, I want more as well ;) Unfair!

    Joy always,

  4. The character seems to be a very passionate one :-)


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