Vintage Car Rally - Red Line Automotives

When Tas Aunty asked if we wanted to go for the car rally that Ayub Uncle and Feroze were organizing, we jumped at the offer. Now, who'd say no to seeing these timeless beauties.

We were supposed to tail these pretty things all the way to Mahabalipuram, but the timing was way off and we ended up reaching Mahabalipuram, in the Grand Vitara, about 45 minutes before these cars.

There were 5 cars in all - 2 beetles (one in a bright fanta color that took my fancy), 1 Pontiac, 1 Ford Fairlane and 1 Valiant. (Oh I just took some lessons from S this morning :D) The beetles (the car, not the band - it's spelt Beatles) always had their engines at the back. The Ford Fairlane has twin headlights and the Pontiac is an OLD car that has an egg shaped bonnet. And he also feels that the Pontiac must have been the most challenging one to restore.

On that note, Ayub Uncle (2001 National Champion - JK Tyre National Championships) and Feroze Khan (2012 National Champion) run Red Line Automotives, a luxury car garage in Poonamallee, Chennai. The father-son duo have done quite a bit in pursuing their passion and restoring these cars.

The pit stop was at Butter Ball Bed and Breakfast. Butterball is the rock that stands (or sits?) without any support on the hillock, and because it looks like a ball of butter that Lord Krishna ate, this is known as the butter ball.

Post lunch, the ladies decided to a quick hillock climb and photo shoot at the Butterball and Trimurti Temple. Been ages since I had such fun!

What a drive it was - back and forth - avoiding accidents, commenting on everything around us and simply laughing like nut cases - I guess this was a much needed break for all of us!

It was a Sunday well spent in the company of cars and people I love to be with. And, it was great to have finally met Anjum, the diamond girl ;-)

Avanthi, Aarti and I ended the evening with dinner at Crimson Chakra (and for once I skipped the elaneer souffle and ate the warm and indulgent chocolate cake with ice cream)


  1. The dark orange ambassador look-alike car (I know it's crude!) looks awesome :)

    Destination Infinity

    1. enakku mela irukinga - that's a Volkswagen Beetle :D

  2. Lovely photographs. What a treat it was!

    Joy always,

    P. S: Destination, sometimes for me all cars look alike ;)

    1. Susan, Men and cars - sigh! :) Need I say more!

  3. Awesome Clicks :)

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